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Suffering from persistent foot pain and problems?

If you suffer from persistent foot pain and problems a biomechanical assessment could be right for you. Biomechanical analysis assesses the joints and soft tissue, seeing how they move and analysing their strength.


A biomechanical analysis appointment will take around an hour and will diagnose the root of your foot problems.

The right orthotics for you

Many biomechanical conditions can be corrected using orthotics. Our chiropodist will discuss the most suitable options for you and place an order for custom made orthotics if necessary.

Book an appointment today

If you feel that you could benefit from a biomechanical assessment, please contact us today. A member of our experienced team will answer any questions you may have.

Biomechanical analysis leading to treatment tailored to your needs, call 01524 849 119

Care plan tailored to your needs

Once you have undergone biomechanical analysis, we will devise and discuss a care plan that is tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need one or five more appointments, we will ensure you receive the best care for your foot condition.

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